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Juice Cleanse Los Angeles
I am on medication should I stop it while on your cleanse?
No. We suggest that you consult with your doctor on that advice. If your medication is short term we think that it would be best to wait until you are done with your medication before committing to any cleansing program.

Will I lose weight?
That depends on your body's composition. Most people have experienced weight loss ranging anywhere from 2-8 pounds who have done our 3 and 5 day cleanse

Will I experience hunger and headaches?
Changing eating habits will cause a certain amount of adjustment. Most people experience a minimal amount of discomfort as the body adjusts to a nutrient dense lifestyle.

Where is my protein coming from?
Greens have an amazing amount of protein. Grazing animals such as cows, sheep and hippos all graze on grass if in a natural environment and they grow to a huge mass...

Once I'm done with your cleanse do you have any suggestions as to how to transition?
Yes, please refer to our Post Cleanse section...we are working like mad to finish our post cleanse transition e-zine book...stay tuned!

Will I experience constipation, diarrhea or flatulence?
Most people experience a higher rate of bowel movements during the day but not so much that it is unbearable or embarrassing. In fact, some people are relieved to get some movement - this is exactly what you want to get the toxins out.

Will I have energy too go to work?
Yes. You may experience some highs and some lows but in general people who have taken our coolers to work often report higher energy levels, especially after day 3 of our cleanse.

Will I put the weight back on after your cleanse?
This answer is twofold. If you go back to your old eating habits, eventually you will put the weight back on. Our goal is to give you a jumpstart and a blue print as to how to incorporate healthier choices into your lifestyle.

What is the caloric intake on a daily basis for the 5 day cleanse?
The caloric intake ranges from 900 - 1400 on a daily basis.

Will I get all of the essential vitamins and minerals?
Yes. We have incorporated whole food supplements right into your juices and smoothies so you don't have the hassle of taking a bunch of pills.

Can I drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol while on the cleanse?
You can, but your results won't be as good if you do.

I need my caffeine in the AM....what can I replace it with?
We suggest that you drink green won't affect the cleanse and will supply a certain amount of caffeine and an added bonus of antioxidants!!

I need a great deal of energy for my work...can I still do your cleanse?

Can I exercise?
Gentle yoga and walking are the best forms of exercise while on our cleanse, but they are not mandatory.